Historic Resources Survey & NRHP Nomination

Meetings are being conducted with city officials in regard to funding the updated historic resources survey report required by the City of Los Angeles Department of Planning, Office of Historic Resources, to assist in the process of moving through the steps to be adopted into the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone ("HPOZ") program, and inclusion into the National Register of Historic Places.   

After reviewing several proposals, Architectural Resources Group ("ARG") is the frontrunner to complete and update the historic resources survey for the Vermont Knolls Historic Residential District.  They have over 40 years of experience with large and small preservation projects and managed the historic resources survey pertaining to Vermont Knolls originally conducted in the 2012 SurveyLA program.   ARG is on the City of Los Angeles' prestigious list of qualified historic resources consultants.

  Please see the attached quote submitted to Council District 8 for consideration.

Currently, Vermont Knolls HPOZ Project is fundraising to cover the nomination application costs to seek inclusion into the National Register of Historic Places,  along with operating and program expenses of the organization.  These operating and program expenses include program and meeting handout materials, refreshments, filing fees, website maintenance, professional accounting and legal fees, and much more.

Our financial goal is to raise $30,490.