Located in South Los Angeles, Vermont Knolls is a subdivision of single and multi-family homes that was initially planned and promoted by the Walter H. Leimert Company.

The historic district boundaries are    

79th Street to the north, Vermont Avenue to the east, 83rd Street to the south, and Normandie Avenue to the west.  

The homes in Vermont Knolls include Period Revival architectural styles, such as French Revival, Tudor Revival, 

Spanish Colonial, and Minimal Traditional. 

SurveyLA flagged Vermont Knolls as potentially eligible for the Historic Preservation Overly Zone ("HPOZ") program based on the aforementioned property styles with 72% of the properties contributing to the historic context.

Our mission is to preserve and protect these beautiful homes and educate the community and future generations on Vermont Knolls' historic legacy and significance to the City of Los Angeles.

Property Styles

French Revival (Norman)


The French Revivals styles have distinctive rolled eaves and tall steeply-pitched roofs.  Modeled after the architecture of the medieval times, French Revivals have a village-like feel. 

Tudor Revival


 The Tudor Revival styles have entry towers with steeply pitched conical roofs, rolled eaves, and tall narrow windows. 

Spanish Colonial


The Spanish Colonial Revivals styles have large picture windows, clay tile roofs, and stucco wall finishes. 

Minimal Traditional


The Minimal Traditional include intermediate roofs, front facing gable, closed eaves, large chimneys, bay windows and paved driveways.

Map of Boundaries


The street patterns (such as semi-elliptical) were purposefully designed to distinguish the subdivision from the surrounding grids contributing to a unique sense of place.

(Source:  City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning, Office of Historic Resources 2012 SurveyLA's Report)